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Are you concerned about all of the expenses associated with pursing a court case?

Are you tired of waiting years for your court case to reach a conclusion?

If you have any of these, or other, concerns about a current dispute or one that you fear is imminent, please contact JLM Dispute Resolution Services.  Mediation is a quicker, much cheaper alternative to litigating in court.

I am an experienced attorney, and have received extensive training in mediation.  I work hard with the individuals involved in the dispute to reach the goal of arriving at a resolution that is acceptable to all involved.  I listen closely to all of the participants in the mediation; I encourage them to express their concerns and viewpoints and to talk
to one another (and not just at one another); and I assist them to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. 

Please explore this website to learn more about mediation and how I can help you achieve your goal.

Please contact me with any questions, comments or to arrange for my services!

Jennifer L. Marlborough, Esq.
Commercial Mediator

Practicing in New York and New Jersey