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Jennifer practiced commercial litigation and corporate law for close to 14 years. She experienced countless cases where a resolution could have been likely reached if the parties had the opportunity to meet and speak freely about the dispute and their concerns, interests and needs, rather than through a thick layer of adversity or through their representatives.  She then decided to use the skills that she had acquired through her practice and training to focus on alternative dispute resolution.  She has undergone extensive mediation training, served as a mediation apprentice in the New York Court system, and is an active member of many alternative dispute resolution organizations and bar associations.

Since 2005, Jennifer has also worked as a Smalls Claims Arbitrator in Queens County, having heard and decided hundreds of cases.  She believes that this experience serves her well not only in the arbitration realm, but in the mediation as well. 

Jennifer actively listens to the parties, asks penetrating questions that get to the heart of the underlying issues (which, often to the parties' surprise, are not always the same as what has been mentioned during the litigation or what is in the pleadings), and generates and facilitates discussions amongst the parties to reach a resolution.

Her litigation experience serves her well as she understands the litigation process and can knowledgeably speak to the parties about the best and worst alternatives to settlement.  Her corporate law experience has made her appreciate and comprehend the complexities of doing business as well as the interpersonal relationships that are inherent (but not always acknowledged) in conducting business.  

Furthermore, having represented parties as an attorney at many mediation sessions and during many arbitrations, Jennifer can appreciate the positions that the parties are in when they attend and participate in the actual mediation.

Being a creative person, Jennifer can also help the parties arrive at unusual solutions that will satisfy everyone's needs.  She can also assist in drafting any written agreements to memorialize the resolution reached by the parties.

While Jennifer's legal experience and training makes her an effective mediator in commercial mediations, she can also assist in non-commercial mediations concerning almost any issue or dispute possible.

Jennifer is licensed to practice in the States of New York and New Jersey.  She is also admitted to the United States Supreme Court; United States Courts of Appeals for the Second and Fourth Circuits, United States District Courts for the Southern District of New York, Eastern District of New York, and District of New Jersey.